NCLG Energy shipping and Trading Company (NCLG) was established as a trading company for petrolium products by having a long history in the petroleum sector.

Sales Channel


Distribution channels of oil

After the crude oil is separated from natural gas, pipelines transport the oil to another carrier or directly to a refinery.

Petroleum products then travel from the refinery to market by tanker, truck, railroad tank car, or pipeline.

The existence of vertical, horizontal and multiple distribution channels highlights the dynamics that characterize the structure of distribution channels.
This enables logistics service providers to design and operate their own distribution network.
The supplier of logistics, distribution and marketing services of the petroleum products must define the function of each member of this network regardless of their object of activity.

NCLG Energy ltd. is privately owned, engaged in the business of energy trading and has global market coverage through its network of affiliates and agencies around the globe.

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