NCLG Energy shipping and Trading Company (NCLG) was established as a trading company for petrolium products by having a long history in the petroleum sector.


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NCLG Energy shipping and Trading Company (NCLG) was established as a trading company for perolium products by having a long history in the petroleum sector. We have been in the petroleum sector with our Libyan company since 1997. We have a long history of working in Libya, in many fields in the oil sector, starting with oil services, drilling, construction work in pipelines, heavy equipment, contracting work, logistical work, and others. Our trading company for petroleum products is newer, but because of our knowledge and contacts, it is progressing very quickly. Since the beginning of its operation, it has been one of the emerging trading companies in the fields of petroleum, petrochemical and mineral products with headquarters in Cyprus, Greece and Libya. The main activity of the company is the supply of petroleum and petrochemical products and by-products internationally. Our excellent business background has given us the opportunity to work with many major oil companies worldwide.The company mainly deals with companies in Africa and Persian Gulf region and has gained extensive connection with end users in the region through dynamic marketing and inclusive connections. This commercial attitude and business approach has led us to penetrate other important markets in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and South America.


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The most important reason for the development of the world energy market is the sustainable increase in energy production and consumption. Environmental factors and inter-fuel competition influence the structure of the market. Such factors as the emergence of new types of energy and the development of technologies for hard-to-recover reserves production also have a strong influence on the stability of the global energy industry. However, in the long-term perspective, fossil fuels will remain the most important source of energy, especially in production countries. An exception may be only some regional markets. The consumption of oil and oil products continues to have a significant share in the transport sector and, due to the forecast of leading energy organizations, it will continue to take a large share in the structure of energy consumption of transport for the next twenty years.


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The main trend in the development of global energy throughout human history is the continuous growth of energy production and consumption. At the same time, there is a transformation of the regional and commodity structure of production and consumption of energy resources under the influence of technological, geopolitical, financial, economic, and environmental factors.
Innovations in the energy production industry and storage technologies will continue to change the structure of the energy market. Petroleum products are gradually being replaced by new energy sources that simultaneously create new consumption sectors. It is also important to note that the oil and gas complex will remain important for the entire world community since it occupies 60% of the global energy consumption [1]. Until 2040, petroleum products will continue to occupy a significant share in the transport sector.
Thus, oil remains one of the key resources in the world economy, and the state budgets of the exporting hydrocarbon resources countries are replenished mainly by the revenues of the industry.


Analysis of the structure of oil product prices in Russia, in the USA, and Saudi Arabia

Analysis Of The Structure Of Oil Product Prices In Russia, In The USA, And Saudi Arabia

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